The Cold Service Inside the Mind: Who is the Enigmatic Blakely Page?

Inside the Mind: Who is the Enigmatic Blakely Page?

Inside the Mind: Who is the Enigmatic Blakely Page? post thumbnail image

In terms of attaining our desired goals, we quite often set restrictions for ourselves depending on our expertise and restrictions. But some people appear to surpass these limitations easily, confirming by investing in work and dedication, something is achievable. And one such individual is Blakely Page – a younger woman who has not only shattered through her very own limitations but has additionally grow to be an creativity for others.

Blakely Page came to be with cerebral palsy – a disorder that affects muscle tissue control and motion. Nonetheless, this has never ceased her from seeking her goals. The truth is, she has converted her disability into an opportunity to highlight her incredible skills. Blakely is a dancer, designer, actress, artist along with a open public loudspeaker. She has even created two books about her activities like a man or woman coping with cerebral palsy.

Blakely’s passion for grooving started at the age of four when she joined a boogie course created specifically for the kids with handicaps. Her love for dancing expanded over time as she participated in different events across america. These days, Blakely is called an accolade-winning dancer who has executed on a number of phases worldwide.

Aside from as an accomplished dancer, Blakely is also an performer who results in gorgeous paintings making use of her jaws to hold the brush or pen. Her graphics has been highlighted in art galleries around the world and she even provides images of her paintings online.

Furthermore, Blakely is also an celebrity who has made an appearance in several television shows and movies which include Nashville and Speechless. She makes use of these chances to increase recognition about disability privileges and inclusion in multimedia.

Not only does Blakely succeed in the arts but she is also a accomplished artist who performs at situations across the country. Her sound has become explained by a lot of as angelic and effective.

Last but not least, Blakely employs her foundation to distribute awareness about cerebral palsy and incapacity privileges. She has given a number of speeches at numerous seminars and events across america, impressive others to break through their own personal borders.


Blakely Page is a real ideas for anyone who believes their impairment or restrictions can hold them again. She has shown that with perseverance, dedication along with a beneficial frame of mind anything at all is achievable. Her remarkable talents in dancing, craft, performing, performing and general public discussing prove that impairments will not define a person’s skills. Blakely’s story is a reminder that we must not give up on our ambitions and always make an effort to push beyond our limitations.

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