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Investigating Zaps and Booms

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Perhaps you have experienced a sudden, deafening, and incredible sound in your head while falling asleep or getting up? If so, then you certainly might have experienced exploding head syndrome causes. Despite its name, this condition is not dangerous, but can be quite distressing for those who experience it. In this blog post, let’s learn more about EHS and understand how it can be managed.

What exactly is Exploding Go Syndrome?
EHS is really a neurological problem where the man or woman experiences a noisy noises inside their brain that looks like an blast, gunshot, cymbals crashing, or thunder. This usually comes about while the person is asleep or maybe about to fall asleep or awaken, but could also arise during daytime naps. Though it may be still unclear what may cause EHS, it is actually believed to be associated with the overstimulation of your brain’s auditory neurons.
Who may be in danger of suffering from EHS?
You can now expertise EHS, but it is more usual in those people who are above the age of 50. Additionally, people who practical experience sleeping deprivation, anxiety, or depressive disorders will probably produce EHS. In some cases, it can possibly be a complication of a number of medicines, such as some antidepressants and sedatives.

What are the signs of EHS?
Besides the loud noise inside the go, people with EHS could also expertise concern, nervousness, or anxiety and panic attacks. Sometimes, they could also practical experience a display of light-weight or a sense of dropping. Whilst the signs and symptoms usually are not physically damaging, they may result in substantial misery and hinder the person’s sleep and total quality of life.

How is EHS managed?

The good thing is that EHS typically does not demand any treatment method.
Nevertheless, it is essential to eliminate any primary problems that may be leading to the signs and symptoms. If the trigger is prescription medication, converting to another medicine might help ease the signs. Moreover, taking techniques to enhance rest personal hygiene, handling pressure, and exercising relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing and relaxation, will also be useful when you are managing the symptoms.
The best time to seek health-related help?

Whilst EHS is usually not much of a cause of issue, it is essential to search for healthcare aid when the signs or symptoms are interfering with your daily routine, causing anxiety or depression, or if you experience other signs alongside EHS, such as head aches or seizures. Your physician could recommend further exams to eliminate any underlying circumstances and propose proper therapy.


Exploding Head Issue is a relatively unfamiliar issue which can cause significant misery and anxiousness for those who experience it. Whilst the signs and symptoms usually are not physically harmful, they could hinder sleeping and all round total well being.

Even so, with proper managing and therapy, the signs and symptoms may be lessened, and people influenced can gain back control over their day-to-day lives. Keep in mind, searching for medical assistance is essential when the symptoms are prolonged or if perhaps you experience any other signs alongside EHS. Generally confer with your medical professional if you have any problems about your overall health or well-being.

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