The Cold General Useful Tips To Identify Cognitive Issues: Dr Michael Vivian

Useful Tips To Identify Cognitive Issues: Dr Michael Vivian

Useful Tips To Identify Cognitive Issues: Dr Michael Vivian post thumbnail image

Cognitive issues can be difficult to identify in a loved one, especially if you don’t know what to look for. Here are some common signs of cognitive impairment:

Difficulty In Multi-Tasking

The first sign of cognitive issues is difficulty in multi-tasking. Dr Michael Vivian If you find yourself struggling to remember things, have trouble following instructions and can’t seem to keep track of the conversation around you, it is likely that your brain isn’t functioning as well as it should be.

Another common symptom of cognitive impairment is an inability to pay attention to detail. For example, if someone tells you that they are going on vacation next week but instead of writing down their travel plans or making a note on your phone calendar, all you can think about is what color dress she wore last night at dinner (it was green!) then maybe it’s time for some extra help!

Difficulty In Solving Problems

As you age, it’s normal to experience some difficulty in solving problems. This may be due to the fact that your brain isn’t working as well as it used to or because you simply don’t know how to solve certain types of problems anymore.

There are many different kinds of problems that can be difficult for older adults’ brains:

• Math calculations (addition and subtraction)
• Reading comprehension (understanding what’s written)
• Memorizing phone numbers or passwords

If you’re having trouble with any kind of problem-solving activity, Dr Michael Vivian recommends several things you can do to help you succeed. 1) break down larger tasks into smaller ones; 2) ask someone else for help; 3) try using different methods until one works!

Increased Frustration When Completing Tasks

If you or someone in your family has been experiencing increased frustration when completing tasks and increased anxiety levels, it’s important to check for cognitive issues.

Anxiety can be caused by a number of factors including depression and stress, but it’s also a symptom of other conditions such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. If you notice that someone is becoming more irritable and anxious than usual, then it’s time to take action!

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