The Cold Entertainment Ways To Explore The Popular Dachstein Glacier In Your vacation ramsau

Ways To Explore The Popular Dachstein Glacier In Your vacation ramsau

Ways To Explore The Popular Dachstein Glacier In Your vacation ramsau post thumbnail image

Can You Explore Dachstein Glacier During Your vacation ramsau?

A trip to Ramsau isn’t complete without exploring the stunning Dachstein Glacier. An absolute jewel in nature’s crown, the everlasting ice and snow of the glacier promise the adventure of a lifetime, offering breathtaking views, thrilling activities, and unique experiences.

So while staying in Alpin Residenz Dachsteinperle, learn how you can infuse your vacation ramsau (urlaub ramsau) with a visit to the spectacular Dachstein Glacier.

Birds Eye View from the Dachstein Skywalk

Riding the Dachstein Glacier cable car is an adventure in itself, soaring above the pristine alpine landscape until you reach the glacier.

When you ascend to the Dachstein Skywalk, one of the highest viewing platforms in Austria, you better brace yourself for a heart-stopping panoramic view of the snow-clad Alpine range.

Thrilling Glacier Skiing and Snowboarding

The Dachstein Glacier offers a highly unique opportunity for die-hard skiers and snowboarders. You may enjoy winter sports regardless of the season! The glacier’s altitude maintains snow year-round, making it possible for you to carve through the pristine snow – even in summer.

Step Into Infinity With The Stairway To Nothingness

For the daring, the Dachstein Glacier offers a thrill you will not easily forget. The Stairway to Nothingness, a glass platform with a see-through bottom, gives you the sensation of floating in the middle of the Alpine peaks. The clear view of the 400-meter fall beneath your feet is an adrenaline rush reserved for only the bravest!

Incredible Glacier Hiking

Glacier hiking is another popular and awe-inspiring way to explore the Dachstein glacier. The extensive network of trails allows you to witness the glacier’s crevasses, ice towers, and seracs up close. Just ensure you have a trained guide to assist and ensure safety during your glacier hike.

Safety First

Lastly, while the Dachstein Glacier offers a world of excitement and adventure, remember that it’s essential to respect nature and prioritize your safety. For that, you must always check weather conditions before going, heed safety instructions, and hire accredited mountain guides where needed.

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